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Traffic Is Growing At BetFred Brag

Monday, Nov. 22nd 2010 9:56 PM

As online three card brag is a relatively new venture it’s not surprising to see low player numbers but over the past few months since its launch player numbers at BetFred Brag have steadily risen. It’s great news indeed to see that the traffic is growing at BetFred Brag, as this means more tables and more opportunity to play online three card brag.

There are two betting variations at BetFred Brag – fixed limit and no limit. You will also find a wide range of stakes to offer everybody from the high-roller to the rank novice a comfortable wagering level to play, with big blinds ranging from £0.40 to £4.00 and minimum buy-ins ranging from £4.00 to £40.00.

Once playing, you will find a smooth and solid feeling playing platform with simple and easy-to-use functions. All of the tables at BetFred Brag are currently six-handed but this is something that may change in the future as the playing numbers continue to grow further.

In the bottom left-hand corner you will find a chat box that doubles, sorry, triples up as a hand rankings reference and also as a handy mini-game window. You can play; mini-blackjack, mini-roulette, Battlestations scratchcard, mini-Hi/Lo, mini-online slots, mini-Crown and Anchor and others in between hands while playing at BetFred Brag.

If you want to play online three card brag visit www.betfred.com and open a new account. As a new player at BetFred Brag, you will also benefit from a £20 welcome bonus when you first fund your account.

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