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Rake Values At BetFred Brag

Wednesday, May. 11th 2011 11:49 PM

When playing real money multiplayer games of three card brag you will have to pay the dreaded rake, as you would when playing online poker and other games. However, the rake values at BetFred Brag are particularly lenient, offering both a low rake rate and caps that limit the maximum amount of rake that’s chargeable in any one hand.

When you play in a three card brag tournament at BetFred Brag you will be charged your rake as part of the buy-in but if you’re playing at a cash table you will be charged a portion of the money placed into the pot as rake. In all instances of either fixed-limit or no-limit three card brag cash tables at BetFred Brag the rake amount is just 5% and is capped between £1 and £3 per hand, depending on the game type, buy-in amount and the number of players at the table.

The rake cap that’s employed by BetFred Brag means that no matter how hot the action gets the table will never pay more than £3 rake in any one hand of online three card brag. This actually means that playing in bigger pots not only adds to the excitement but also offers you value for money on the rake too.

If you want to try your hand at playing online multiplayer three card brag head over to BetFred Brag, where you can play real money games of three card brag online against other players across the world and also claim a free £20 brag bonus when you make your first deposit, so visit www.betfred.com today.

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