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Other Card Games At William Hill

Wednesday, May. 18th 2011 9:04 PM

William Hill Casino is not only home to a casino-style online three card brag game but they also offer a range of other games to play too. There are many other card games at William Hill Casino ranging from the ever-present blackjack to more unusual offerings such as red dog poker. Even if you just play games at William Hill Brag, favouring the three card favourite over others you should still take a look at what’s one offer. You won’t be disappointed.

There are four versions of blackjack at William Hill Casino, each with their own features and reasons to be played. Standard blackjack is the most popular casino game in the world, and is offered along with blackjack switch that features two hands, blackjack surrender that allows you to give up half of your bet if the dealer has checked for blackjack and also the British version of blackjack, pontoon.

The less common game of baccarat can be played at William Hill Casino, where you face off against the dealer in a bid to get closest to nine with your cards. This age-old skill game allows you to bet on your own hand, the dealer’s hand or on a tie.

There are four type of casino poker that you can play at William Hill Casino; casino holdem, red dog poker, pai gow poker and Caribbean stud poker. Casino holdem is based on Texas holdem hands, red dog poker you have to guess the value of cards, pai gow is a poker-style card game that’s based on a Chinese domino game and Caribbean stud poker that’s based on five-card stud.

This is just a selection of the other card games available and just a small highlight of the huge choice of games to play at William Hill Brag via the casino. To start playing three card brag at William Hill Brag or to try any of the other games at William Hill Casino visit www.williamhillcasino.com.

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