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Casino Brag At BetFred Brag

Thursday, May. 26th 2011 10:46 PM

BetFred Brag is one of the few places that three card brag players can find their favourite card game available to play against other real people online, but it’s not just this multiplayer version of three card brag that’s available from BetFred Brag. You can also play the single player game of casino brag at BetFred Brag too.

Casino brag is to three card brag what casino poker is to Texas Holdem. You don’t play casino brag against other players, your battle is against the house in a similar format to a game of blackjack. The aim of the game is to get a better hand than the dealer. However, you can also win bonus prizes for being dealt pairs, prials, runs and running flushes. These prizes are separate from the main game and do not affect the outcome of the main game.

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Rake Values At BetFred Brag

Wednesday, May. 11th 2011 11:49 PM

When playing real money multiplayer games of three card brag you will have to pay the dreaded rake, as you would when playing online poker and other games. However, the rake values at BetFred Brag are particularly lenient, offering both a low rake rate and caps that limit the maximum amount of rake that’s chargeable in any one hand.

When you play in a three card brag tournament at BetFred Brag you will be charged your rake as part of the buy-in but if you’re playing at a cash table you will be charged a portion of the money placed into the pot as rake. In all instances of either fixed-limit or no-limit three card brag cash tables at BetFred Brag the rake amount is just 5% and is capped between £1 and £3 per hand, depending on the game type, buy-in amount and the number of players at the table.

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Poker Crackdown Could Boost Three Card Brag

Saturday, Apr. 23rd 2011 12:38 PM

Last week the FBI and US Department of Justice turned the world of online poker on its head by seizing the domains of leading poker sites that served US players and that action will have a knock-on effect across the internet, not just at poker sites. The online poker crackdown could boost three card brag player numbers and prizes. ‘How?’ we hear you ask. Well there are a number of reasons why the fallout from online poker’s Black Friday could boost online three card brag.

Firstly, the major benefactors from last Friday’s shutdown of the world’s three largest online poker networks were the non-US serving poker sites, which include BetFred Poker on the iPoker Network and Stan James Poker on the Microgaming Network. As both of these poker providers also offer multiplayer online three card brag games there’s every chance that some of them will try their hand at a few games as a change from poker.

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Online Three Card Brag Tournaments

Thursday, Mar. 31st 2011 12:09 AM

BetFred Brag are pioneers in the world of online three card brag, offering you multiplayer games of brag in a similar fashion to online poker sites but up until recently you have been restricted to playing cash tables. However, BetFred Brag offers online three card brag tournaments on a daily basis with the next tournament taking place this Thursday evening.

The online three card brag tournaments at BetFred Brag may seem modest compared to the PokerStars Sunday Million or even the Party Poker Monthly Million but they do offer you a chance to play tournament three card brag, which is a completely different animal to cash table play, offering a whole new dimension to the game.

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BetFred Brag Loyalty Points

Saturday, Mar. 26th 2011 10:53 PM

One of the internet’s leading multiplayer online three card brag sites is offering its loyal players a little something extra to reward them for their loyalty. BetFred Brag Loyalty Points are points that you earn every single time that you place a bet or see a bet while playing the virtual tables at BetFred Brag.

That’s right, in a similar fashion to loyalty programmes found at online poker sites and online casinos, every time that you wager any money playing online three card brag or any of the other games found under the ‘games’ tab at www.betfred.com you will accrue those all-important Loyalty Points.

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Three Card Brag Wild Cards

Sunday, Mar. 6th 2011 8:14 PM

Over the past six months or so there has been somewhat of an online three card brag explosion, with various sites now offering you the opportunity to play cash tables and tournaments as you would at an online poker site, but this does confine your playing to the rules of the site. This means that you are unable to play three card brag wild cards and other rule and game variations online.

Wild cards, or floaters as they’re sometimes called, are predetermined cards of a certain value that can be used as a substitute to complete a hand. For example, if twos are the chosen wild cards and you are dealt 3, 3, 2 you would be able to play it as a prial of threes, using the two as a substitute for the final missing three. Even though wild cards are found when playing three card brag and other variations, they are most often found when playing four or five card brag

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Chat Rooms At BetFred Brag

Monday, Jan. 31st 2011 12:29 AM

When playing 3 card brag online at BetFred Brag you have a handy chat facility that allows you to converse with your fellow players, like the ones found at many online poker sites. However, there are also five chat rooms at BetFred Brag; Istanbul, Toronto, London, Chat Games and Chat Help.

These chat rooms can be found on the right-hand side of the lobby and are the place to go if you’re looking to talk tactics, find a friend, get some help and advice or play chat games. At the top of the chat box you will see two tabs – Chat and Friends.

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3 Card Brag At Stan James

Monday, Dec. 6th 2010 12:50 AM

Following a recent software update from GameAccount Network you can now play 3 Card Brag at Stan James. GameAccount Network is the world’s leading head-to-head online skill-based games provider, offering a host of multi-player skill games including 3 Card Brag, backgammon, gin rummy, dominoes and blackjack to a wide range of online gaming sites such as William Hill and BetFred.

The 3 Card Brag platform at Stan James is almost identical to the one found at BetFred Brag, which is understandable seeing as it’s the same software and, like many online poker or online bingo networks, when you play online 3 card brag at Stan James you will be playing against players at other 3 card brag sites such as BetFred Brag, for example.

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£10,205 Monthly Brag Bonus

Monday, Nov. 29th 2010 2:45 PM

William Hill Vegas offers a fun version of online 3 card brag where you play against the dealer, heads-up and, as you would expect from such a big name in online gaming, William Hill Vegas has brag bonuses galore to stretch your bankroll a little further. We’re not talking about a few quid here, you can earn an enormous £10,205 monthly brag bonus when you play online 3 card brag at William Hill Vegas.

William Hill Vegas has devised a brag bonus scheme that will benefit all players, from the once-a-week casual player to the hardened 3 card brag shark. You can earn a brag bonus worth anywhere from £25 to £10,205 each and every month when you play 3 card brag or any other online games found at William Hill Vegas.

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Traffic Is Growing At BetFred Brag

Monday, Nov. 22nd 2010 9:56 PM

As online three card brag is a relatively new venture it’s not surprising to see low player numbers but over the past few months since its launch player numbers at BetFred Brag have steadily risen. It’s great news indeed to see that the traffic is growing at BetFred Brag, as this means more tables and more opportunity to play online three card brag.

There are two betting variations at BetFred Brag – fixed limit and no limit. You will also find a wide range of stakes to offer everybody from the high-roller to the rank novice a comfortable wagering level to play, with big blinds ranging from £0.40 to £4.00 and minimum buy-ins ranging from £4.00 to £40.00.

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