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More Than Just Brag At BetFred

Wednesday, Feb. 9th 2011 6:24 PM

BetFred Brag is a pioneer in the world of online 3 card brag but there’s more than just brag at BetFred. For starters, BetFred is one of the most popular bookmakers in the UK, with shops on all of the prime streets in Britain, so it’s no surprise to hear that they have one of the most popular online sportsbooks along with an online casino, online poker, online bingo and much more.

You will find multi-player 3 card brag in the ‘skill’ section at www.betfred.com, where it’s accompanied by backgammon, blackjack, gin rummy, dominoes, roulette, solitaire and a choice of skill slots. These games offer you a chance to beat the odds with real skill games.

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GameAccount Network

Tuesday, Jan. 11th 2011 3:44 PM

Since last autumn you have been able to play one of the UK’s favourite traditional card games online at BetFred Brag and other sites. However, this new online experience has only been made possible thanks to software from the world’s largest internet skill gaming network, GameAccount Network. GameAccount Network delivers online three card brag and other classic games of skill such as backgammon and dominoes to many of the internet’s biggest names.

London-based technology company, GameAccount Network first hit the scene in 2002 offering real-money games of golf, pool and darts, which were followed by solitaire games and a Scrabble-like game called Word-Noodle. By 2006 GameAccount Network had expanded into skill games such as gin rummy and backgammon then last year, after acquiring business deals with a large number of the internet’s biggest bookmakers and online casinos, GameAccount Network launched its new ‘true multiplayer’ gaming platform that offers real-money games of three card brag, in a similar fashion to online poker platforms.

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Monday, Dec. 13th 2010 1:16 AM

We often refer to three card brag as the predecessor to poker but where did three card brag originate from? The card game that most historians credit as being the forerunner to three card brag is Spanish game of primero. Many details of the historic game are blurry and indecisive but we do know that primero is similar to three card brag only older and therefore likely to be major influence in the creation of three card brag.

Primero is played with between four and six players, uses a 40-card deck and, in a similar fashion to three card brag, requires players to make the best hand from a combination of cards or at least convince their opponents that they have a strong hand from a list of hand ranks.

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