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GameAccount Multiplayer 3 Card Brag

GameAccount Network provide software for several casinos offering multiplayer 3 card brag. Popular names such as William Hill have their software on their gaming platform, as well as the GameAccount site, and CasinoRip which they also own. There is a full list of GameAccount multiplayer sites below the review.

The Software And Game

You don’t need to download any software to play, as the game runs on a flash based pop-up window. The interface is slick and there are a number of other games available in the same window, such as Poker and Gin Rummy.

As for the game itself, it is a bit of a hybrid. Whilst the game mechanics are classic Brag, the betting is Poker style. If you’re not sure of the difference, in Brag everyone adds to the pot at the start of the game. In this version there are Poker style big and small blinds put into the pot.

The betting then follows the pattern of calling and matching bets depending on what you’ve put in, instead of the typical Brag matching the bet of the previous player. Unlike traditional Brag, you can also check if you don’t fancy betting. Also, if you run out of money, you can go ‘all in’ as you would in Poker.

There is no ‘Seeing’ of the opponent when it gets down to 2 players. There can be more than 2 in the show down, when everyone calls the cards are revealed. This means you can see your opponents hands without having to double their last bet to see them. It makes it easier for this online version as you don’t need to loan money of another player to complete the hand but can go ‘all in’ with the remainder you have.

If the betting is a bit different to typical brag, the actual card play is spot on. Everyone gets their 3, there’s a round of betting then the chance to discard any or all of your cards. After that the betting runs to the final show down after a round of everyone calling, checking or going ‘all in.’ The Brag card ranks are as they should be and if you win, you take the whole pot.

Lobby, Tables And Tournaments

The lobby currently offers tables of 6 seats, each with their own minimum bet limits and buy-ins. The limits are as follows:

  • 20p minimum stake / blind – £2.00 minimum buy-in
  • 40p minimum stake / blind – £4.00 minimum buy-in
  • £1.00 minimum stake / blind – £10.00 minimum buy-in
  • £2.00 minimum stake / blind – £20.00 minimum buy-in
  • £4.00 minimum stake / blind – £40.00 minimum buy-in
  • £10.00 minimum stake / blind – £100.00 minimum buy-in

When one table at a stake level is full, another opens up so you can join and wait for players if you can’t access the stake level you want. There are generally players there at the lower stake levels, at least at the times we’ve played. Unfortunately, as of yet, there are no buy-in tournaments available.


The lobby of a GameAccount software 3 Card Brag game.

Betfred 3 Card Brag lobby

In game – the table view of a GameAccount software Card Brag game.

Betfred 3 Card Brag game

Detail of the discard round of the game.

Betfred 3 Card Brag discard


Despite not being 100% 3 Card Brag, this version has lots of merits. Personally, we like the mix of Poker style betting and the traditional card game. I think it works well, especially in an online multiplayer environment. At the minute it’s fair to say that this 3 Card Brag offering is just the beginning. We’re happy to recommend this to both hardened Brag players and those looking to try the game out.

There is lots of room to improve the offering too. We’d love to see a similar tournaments option, like those provided in the Poker rooms. We’d also like to see the option to play the traditional betting method on other tables. All in all though, GameAccounts Three Card Brag is the place to play the game online for cash, and we commend it to the house.

Play GameAccount 3 Card Brag Online

For some reason, many of the providers of multiplayer 3 card brag have made it difficult to find the game at their casino. So, we’ve included instructions below for how to find the game on each site.

Play 3 Card Brag at Boyle Skill

Where to find Multiplayer Brag at Boyle Skill

On the Home page, click the ‘Skills’ link at the top right.

Click the ‘Skill Games’ link on the left hand navigation list, you will then see the .

Play 3 Card Brag at Money Gaming

Where to find Multiplayer Brag at Money Gaming

On the Home page, click the ‘Skills’ link at the top right.

You will be taken to the ‘Skills’ page, the Three Card Brag game is near the bottom of the page.

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