3 Card Brag

Playing Card Nicknames

Tuesday, May. 31st 2011 8:06 PM

When playing three card brag and other popular European card games you will be using a deck of 52 cards featuring numbers 1 to 9 along with jacks, queens, kings and aces in the four suits spades, clubs, diamonds and hearts. But did you know that there are playing card nicknames that are commonly used for the whole deck?

Aces are known as – ‘No-Spotters’, ‘Whiteskins’ or ‘Wheelcards’ along with names for suited aces such as ‘Blackberry’ for the Ace of Clubs and ‘Pig’s Eye’ for the Ace of Diamonds.

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Brief History Of Playing Cards

Saturday, May. 7th 2011 9:36 PM

We all know that three card brag is a traditional European card game that dates back to the 16th century and it is often referred to as the predecessor to poker but it certainly isn’t the earliest example of a card game. Card games and playing cards themselves date back centuries and centuries before the creation of three card brag, as we will explain in our brief history of playing cards.

Playing cards as we know them now, with Aces, numbers 2 to 9 and jacks, queens and kings with the four suits spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs came from France and have only been around for a relatively short time, since the late 16th century when games such as Primero and later, brag, used decks that included picture cards such as kings, queens and knaves (jacks).

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Monday, Dec. 13th 2010 1:16 AM

We often refer to three card brag as the predecessor to poker but where did three card brag originate from? The card game that most historians credit as being the forerunner to three card brag is Spanish game of primero. Many details of the historic game are blurry and indecisive but we do know that primero is similar to three card brag only older and therefore likely to be major influence in the creation of three card brag.

Primero is played with between four and six players, uses a 40-card deck and, in a similar fashion to three card brag, requires players to make the best hand from a combination of cards or at least convince their opponents that they have a strong hand from a list of hand ranks.

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