Welcome to 3 Card Brag, your source for information and tips on the great British card game of the same name. Forget about Poker, Brag’s the game that’s been a staple of card players here in Britain for centuries. Yes, centuries.

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So, what’s the 3 Card Brag skinny? If you’re new to the game then our guides will help you learn to play. Here’s what we offer.

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How To Play
If you don’t know a prial for a pair and whether a blind man can see, then take a look at our how to play guide. If you’re new to the game it’s the ideal introduction, and could save you from going all in on a duff hand.

Play Brag
Want to dive in and play the game online? We feature several online gaming sites that offer 3 card brag as part of their gaming suite, including Live Dealer versions. Play for real, win for real…

Hand Rankings
Want to know what beats what, and what’s the odds on finding yourself holding a lovely prial of three threes, then our hand ranks guide will fill you in. Ideal for beginners to the game to get up to speed.

Betting Guide
Does what it says on the tin. Information on what to be weary of when you’re betting, when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em. If you’re not sure about Brag betting, then this guide will be of instant help to you.

Brag has a nasty reputation of being the cheat’s card game of choice. Take a look at our guide of some of the most common forms of cheating, so you know what to look out for to avoid becoming a Brag chump.

With a long and rich history, and our article gives you a brief overview of the game history and origins. With roots back in the 16th century the game has plenty to interest and inform lovers of history, and a culture all of its own.