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About 3 Card Brag

Having played 3 card brag with my father and friends for pennies and fun whilst on holiday, and seeing it feature in Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, I decided to put this site together. Brag is often seen as the poor cousin of Holdem Poker, but its got a long history and rich culture.

Whilst there’s lots online on how to play Texas Holdem, there’s very little on Brag. So here’s the answer, a little site dedicated to the game. I cover the basics of the game, how to play, how to win and most importantly, how not to get ripped off by a dodgy player.

You can play Brag online at several casinos, so before you wade in, get a bit of education on the game. Whether your play online, or play for fun with your family, the deceptively simple game of brag has lots to consider. Read on and find out more yourself!

All the best!
Davey Brag,

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