Three Card Brag Side Bets

When playing three card brag, many players opt to include a side bet in their game. Three card brag side bets are additional antes or buy-ins that are added to a separate pot and paid out when a certain hand is dealt or another playing condition is met. Side bets add an extra dimension to the game and can offer new tactics of play as well.

One brag side bet that is often used is 2-2-?. Any player that manages to win a hand while holding a pair of two’s and a spare card walks away with the side bet pot. However, many players decide on a different condition for winning the side bet each time they come together to play, before they shuffle up and deal the cards.

Poker is another card game where side pots are often used, with one of the most famous side pots being seven-deuce. When playing at a seven deuce table any player who manages to win a hand after being dealt 7-2 as their hold cards walks away with the pot for that hand and any monies that have been collected in the side pot.

So next time you’re having a game of three card brag why not spice up the action with some side bets.

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