Welcome To 3 Card Brag

Welcome to this new site, which aims to be your source for information and reviews for the popular game of 3 Card Brag. I say popular, I mean out there in the pubs, clubs, homes and gaming dens of the UK. So far it’s not yet popular online, but we think that’s set to change. We think there’s going to be a Brag revolution, and we want to be your guide to it.

The earlier signs are there – a new interest from a UK bookie, Betfred, in promoting and getting people playing the game online could snowball in to the next big gaming thing online. Why? Well, the games appealing in a number of ways. For those that enjoy their poker, they might fancy a quicker paced change of pace, and Brag is the ideal candidate.

Beginners looking to dip their toe in the world of online poker might also find Brag appealing as its gameplay is very similar, but much simpler than Poker. Cutting teeth on 3 Card Brag is an ideal way to limber up and get strategic about playing and betting on Poker.

We’d love to see the game take off, and have the sort of exposure that Poker currently enjoys. Given its deep seated place in the hearts of British card players, we hope it’s not to long before we start seeing some great online 3 Card Brag sites open up, and the range of tournaments Poker players enjoy offered to Brag players also. These are exciting times, and we hope just the start of something big, something to Brag about.

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