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World Series Of Poker Is Well Underway

It may not be three card brag but this year’s World Series of Poker is certainly grabbing the gambling headlines at the moment. The 2011 World Series of Poker is well underway, with eight events won, five events underway and a further 46 yet to start. However, this year’s championship is being overshadowed by the […]

Pile Of Cards
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Playing Card Nicknames

When playing three card brag and other popular European card games you will be using a deck of 52 cards featuring numbers 1 to 9 along with jacks, queens, kings and aces in the four suits spades, clubs, diamonds and hearts. But did you know that there are playing card nicknames that are commonly used

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Vinnie Jones Plays Three Card Brag

On our hunt to bring you the very latest three card brag news we’ve discovered many high profile three card brag players, one of who is international football player and film star, Vinnie Jones. Vinnie Jones plays three card brag and he can often be found playing in high-profile poker tournaments too but the preferred

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Devilfish Started Life Playing 3 Card Brag

One of the world’s most famous, or should we say notorious, poker players is Dave ‘Devilfish’ Ulliott. Dave hasn’t always been a poker player, Devilfish started life playing 3 card brag at the beginning of a colourful life which has included safe cracking, armed robberies, trips to Vegas, trips to prison and winning a World

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