Vinnie Jones Plays Three Card Brag

On our hunt to bring you the very latest three card brag news we’ve discovered many high profile three card brag players, one of who is international football player and film star, Vinnie Jones. Vinnie Jones plays three card brag and he can often be found playing in high-profile poker tournaments too but the preferred game for the hard man is brag.

After many years of playing top-level football for a list of clubs that included; Wimbledon, Leeds, Sheffield United, Chelsea and QPR along with an illustrious international career with Wales Jones turned his hand to acting. However from team busses to movie sets Vinnie continued to play cards games such as poker and three card brag with anybody who had a few bob in their pocket.

As you can imagine, footballers have a tendency to play cards, often for very high stakes. This is usually to the disapproval of the manager. From Vinnie’s early days in part-time football all the way up to the peak of his career at Chelsea he could be found playing in various card schools.

From football Vinnie made his way to the silver screen courtesy of Guy Ritchie’s hugely popular film, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Coincidentally, this film has one of the most famous three card brag scenes found in a movie. A scene that has become iconic in both UK film history and also in the rich tapestry of three card brag’s past.

So Vinnie Jones is another famous three card brag player who is always up for a game!

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