Poker Crackdown Could Boost Three Card Brag

Last week the FBI and US Department of Justice turned the world of online poker on its head by seizing the domains of leading poker sites that served US players and that action will have a knock-on effect across the internet, not just at poker sites. The online poker crackdown could boost three card brag player numbers and prizes. ‘How?’ we hear you ask. Well there are a number of reasons why the fallout from online poker’s Black Friday could boost online three card brag.

Firstly, the major benefactors from last Friday’s shutdown of the world’s three largest online poker networks were the non-US serving poker sites, which include BetFred Poker on the iPoker Network and Stan James Poker on the Microgaming Network. As both of these poker providers also offer multiplayer online three card brag games there’s every chance that some of them will try their hand at a few games as a change from poker.

As European poker sites player numbers grow so will their revenue and as their revenue stream grows they will have extra funds to promote their games. So, in theory, providers could end up offering bigger and better brag bonuses for playing with them.

It won’t just be online three card brag that’s in for a boost from the poker crackdown. Online casino and other games could well benefit from additional players and revenue too. However, this is purely speculation and we’ll have to watch the situation carefully to see what’s really happening in the wake of online poker’s Black Friday.

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