Casino Brag

If you’re a regular at the local casino you may be familiar with casino brag. Casino brag is found in many UK casinos up and down the country and is very similar to the 3 card brag game. Unlike traditional games of 3 card brag, casino brag is played against the dealer in a stripped down version of this classic card game.

If you’re not familiar with the rules of casino brag and fancy polishing up on them before your next trip to the casino we’ve included a brief guide for you below.

When playing casino card brag you must place your ante onto the table, as in a game of 3 card brag, but then your cards are dealt to you face up and you must decide whether or not to play them, a decision which should be made using odds not your instinct. In some casinos you will be rewarded with a bonus if you’re dealt particular hands.

If you decide to play them you will need to make a further bet before the dealer turns over their cards. If you are holding the stronger hand you will win and you will usually be paid out according to the odds displayed on the table at that particular casino. If you play on and the dealer has the strongest hand then your ante and your bet will be forfeited to the dealer. In certain casinos the dealer must make a qualifying hand, usually of at least Queen high, before they can take your cash.

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