Three Card Brag Wild Cards

Over the past six months or so there has been somewhat of an online three card brag explosion, with various sites now offering you the opportunity to play cash tables and tournaments as you would at an online poker site, but this does confine your playing to the rules of the site. This means that you are unable to play three card brag wild cards and other rule and game variations online.

Wild cards, or floaters as they’re sometimes called, are predetermined cards of a certain value that can be used as a substitute to complete a hand. For example, if twos are the chosen wild cards and you are dealt 3, 3, 2 you would be able to play it as a prial of threes, using the two as a substitute for the final missing three. Even though wild cards are found when playing three card brag and other variations, they are most often found when playing four or five card brag

Some of the most commonly used wild cards are:

  • All twos wild – where any twos can be used as a wild card.
  • Black twos wild – where just the black twos are able to be used as wild cards.
  • One-eyed jacks wild – where the Jack of Hearts and the Jack of Spades, both of which feature pictures of jacks with one eye closed on traditional British playing cards, can be used as wild cards.
  • Suicide wild – where the King of Hearts, which features a picture of a king with a sword stuck through his head on traditional British playing cards, can be used as a wild card.
  • Jokers wild – where one or more jokers are added to the pack and used as wild cards.

So next time you’re playing a live game of brag try suggesting the use of wild cards to add additional excitement to your favourite card games.

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