Playing The Odds At Three Card Brag

Playing the odds at three card brag is a method that should drastically improve your game against blind bombers and loose aggressive players. This is because you will use these odds to determine the expected value of each hand that you’re dealt, allowing you to decide whether to play or fold.

By simply assessing the likelihood of a hand being dealt to another player against the actual hand that you’ve been dealt you can establish if a hand is worth playing or not. Online poker is a place where you will see many examples of playing the odds and thankfully the odds of three card brag hands is much simpler and easier to understand and remember.

In total, there are 22,100 individual possible combinations of cards that can be dealt to you when playing three card brag and the likelihood of being dealt each of these hands is as follows:

  • The odds of being dealt a ‘Prial of Threes’ are 5524 to 1, and a Prial of Threes is the only unbeatable hand in the game.
  • The odds of being dealt any other ‘Prial’ are 459 to 1, making it a pretty safe hand to bet, even against a full table.
  • The odds of being dealt a ‘Running Flush’ are the same as they are for any Prial except a Prial of Threes, also 459 to 1.
  • The odds of being dealt a ‘Run’ are a lot more likely, coming in at 30 to 1, still making it an attractive and profitable hand but be careful when playing a Run as it’s not unbeatable by a long shot.
  • The odds of being dealt a ‘Flush’ are even shorter again at 19 to 1, making it a playable hand but certainly not a hand you would want to chase big bets with.
  • The odds of being dealt a ‘Pair’ are just 5 to 1 but you can still push players with this hand, with a high pair still often being the strongest hand at a table.
  • The odds of being dealt a ‘High Card’ are 3 to 1 on, making it a weak hand that’s ill-advised to be played for any significant amount of money.

If you learn these odds you will soon see your three card brag game improving, along with your bankroll too so ensure that you know the expected value of your hand before making or calling big bets and play the odds.

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