Bankroll Management Strategy

Like many card games that are played for money, 3 card brag has an element of chance and can leave even the most experienced player in the middle of a losing streak. When playing online 3 card brag at gaming sites, it is vital that you observe and strictly adhere to a bankroll management strategy.

Many uninitiated online 3 card brag players ‘go broke’ unnecessarily due to poor bankroll management. An all too common mistake of losing players is to up stakes when things go wrong. This is exactly the opposite of what you should do. If your bankroll is taking a nosedive you should reduce your stakes, allowing you to keep enough money to get out of your losing streak. If you up your stakes while your bankroll is going down you will soon run out of games to play.

As a general rule when playing 3 card brag you should never buy-in with more than 5% of your entire bankroll. If you manage to accumulate 10% of your entire bankroll while at a particular table you should stand up and leave the table. Walking away from the table once you hit your 10% limit will stop you blowing your winnings if your fortune turns.

Remember that even if your opponents can’t play very well and they don’t understand the odds of 3 card brag, the cards don’t know this! You may be a much better player than your opponents but the cards could still deal a prial of threes to the blind bomber on your left. In order to avoid going broke to such players while playing 3 card brag simply follow the bankroll management strategy explained above.

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